Shops We’ve Discovered

Welcome to Cold Forming Shops where we introduce you to the best vintage, jewelry, and DIY shops online.  There’s many online shops like Etsy, but we find that it gets a little too overwhelming looking through thousands of options that all look identical while trying to pick something out.  We’re here to make it easier on you by giving you the inside scoop on the shops that we find has the best quality and is the easiest to search through.  It will be so fun and easy that even your boyfriend would want to browse these shops!


We want to acknowledge smaller DIY and jewelry owners who spend their time and energy on creating beautiful, quality pieces for their customers.  We also want to point out the time that vintage shop owners spend on finding particular pieces.  We value their work and would rather purchase from them than a huge corporation that pumps out pieces using machinery.  We love the intricate details that these smaller shops put into their pieces and know that each and every one of their jewelry is made with love and hard work.  These are things we value, and we hope that you do too.